With the first Cyril Lignac’s application MesDesserts
put the favourite French chef in your pocket.

Cyril Lignac, has selected for you 25 exclusive, sweet and gourmet’s recipes on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch and soon on Android. Strawberry gateau, millefeuilles and macroons will have nos secrets for you anymore.

Filmed with an unique and innovative process, the stages of the recipes will be presented step by step. In the « MesDesserts » app, Cyril Lignac reveals his knacks, tricks and creative ideas which make of him the favourite french people’s chef.

Simple, precise, in short very nice! Great work of implementation, especially if you have a digital tablet...
Mercotte, 68 years old, culinary blogger, www.mercotte.fr

Recipes step by step & knacks

  • Cyril will guide you in every step of the recipe with slow-motion’s videos.
  • Pass from a step to another one without touching your screen, more practical and less binding.
  • One a step is done, just move to the next one.
  • In 6, 8, or 10 steps, bake some delicious recipes with the knacks of the chef and always succeed !

Exclusive’s recipes & creative ideas

  • Discover Cyril Lignac’s exclusive recipes.
  • Sublimate the classicals and amaze your friends and family with original and delicious recipes.
  • Savour Cyril Lignac’s favourite pastries at home that you will have cook by your own.


  • Timer
    include to supervise the cooking time
  • Ingredients
    sent by e-mail or added to your reminders
  • Utensils
    not to get muddled up
  • Glossary
    to become a star of pastry

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